The Fox Base

waves beckoningly

A foxy base by velu

A sly fox, a cute fox, a cool fox, it's time for foxes! A base i've wanted to finish for a while! Enjoy the bundle of linearts i cobbled together! Add some lines of your own! This base is here to help with all of your foxy needs~ The pack contains a single lineart, with a multitude of hairs, tails, and miscellaneous extras to mix and match.

★This base can be used to make and sell adopts, make personal characters, use in references, or take commissions!

★ This base cannot be used commercially outside of specifics mentioned above.

★ Please do credit me with each use!

★ Includes a single .psd file! photoshop and sai friendly, works with programs that are .psd capable! The base and its add-ons are all in folders, if you need a file with all of the pieces separate sans folders, please message me directly and i can give you a link!

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9.86MB PSD Download

USD 30.00 1

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